Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) describes the application of electrical stimulation to the surface of the skin at the site of pain.


 HNS Policy 

TENS units or similar devices should be dispensed conservatively and used only as part of a documented treatment plan with objective, measurable and reasonable treatment goals. 


TENS units are an appropriate component of treatment in the following situations: 

  • For the relief of chronic pain that causes significant disruption of function, but only after standard management utilizing chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy and in-office modalities has been tried for at least 30 days, and has failed to produce adequate results;


  • For the temporary relief of pain in acute care cases where the overall treatment plan is consistent with these guidelines and the standards of care taught in accredited chiropractic colleges.


Verification of Benefits

Many plans do not cover TENS or have specific medical policies which address when TENS are covered, so always verify benefits and check corporate medical policies prior to providing a TENS unit to a patient.


(Click here to review BCBSNC's Corporate Medical Policy for TENS)


Modifier Requirements

If you are selling a TENS unit to a patient, you must append the code with modifier NU.


Code E0720 NU (2 lead)
Code E0730 NU (4 lead)


If you are renting a TENS unit to a patient, you must append the code with modifier RR.


Code E0720 RR (2 lead)
Code E0730 RR (4 lead)


Place of Service Requirements

While most all services provided by chiropractors are reported on the claim form as place of service 11 (office), for TENS, BCBS requires that you show place of service as home (12). When billing TENS to BCBS, be sure to put 12 in box 24B on the claim form.


When verifying benefits, if TENS is covered, be sure to ask what code is required for place of service (POS - box 24B on the claim form) as BCBS requires POS code 12 (home) for TENS.