HNS Policy 


HNS will accept electronic claims via the following methods:


  1. HNSConnect®
    HNS accepts HIPAA compliant ANSI 5010 837p claim files submitted to HNSConnect® directly from the physician's practice management software.  HNS cannot accept 837p claim files submitted in version 4010.

    For assistance with submitting your 5010 837p files to HNSConnect® via direct submission from your practice management software, please contact HNS' EDI Department at (877) 426-2411, extension 122.


  2. Office Ally™
    If your software system cannot produce the required HIPAA compliant 837p 5010 claim files, you may submit your claims to HNS through Office Ally™.  HNS cannot accept claim files from any other clearinghouse.

    For information about filing claims through Office Ally™, click here.

    Important Note

    Remittances associated with claims submitted via Office Ally™ will be sent to you from HNS and EOPs for those payments will be available
    through your HNSConnect® account.


  3. Manual Entry via HNSConnect®
    You may file primary claims to HNS by manually entering claim data into HNSConnect®.