HNS Policy 

As noted in the HNS Practitioner's Participation Agreement (PPA), participation in the HNS Network is not guaranteed.  At all times, HNS reserves the right to determine which physicians it will allow to join the Network, which physicians it will allow to remain in the network, which physicians it will allow to rejoin the Network, and the terms by which HNS will allow participation. (At all times, healthcare plans contracted with HNS reserve the right to deny or terminate participation in the Network.)


The following requirements apply to all health care professionals who have chosen to participate in the HNS Network via execution of the HNS Practitioner’s Participation Agreement:

  • Each HNS provider shall serve as an “in-network” provider for each applicable health care plan with which HNS contracts. (Providers cannot “opt out” of one or more plans with which HNS contracts.)


  • Participation in the HNS Network extends to any practice location the provider maintains in the HNS service area. (Regardless of the number of practice locations or the location itself, the provider must be available to provide chiropractic care to any patient whose health care plan contracts with HNS, at each practice location, during all hours the practice is open for business.)


  • While participating in the HNS Network, providers may not practice in mobile units of any type, and may not close their practices to new patients whose health care plans contract with HNS.


  • To avoid confusion for members seeking chiropractic care from an “in-network” provider, all chiropractors practicing at the same physical location must participate in the HNS Network or none of the chiropractors practicing at that location may participate in the HNS Network. This includes but is not limited to chiropractors in a group practice, chiropractors renting space from another chiropractor, and chiropractors practicing as independent contractors within another chiropractor’s office.


Health care plans with which HNS contracts have various requirements for participating “in-network” providers, such as maintaining current PTAN and/or Medicaid numbers. At all times, all HNS providers must meet all requirements set forth by all applicable contracted health care plans.


For additional policies regarding participation in the HNS Network, please see "Credentialing Policies".