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This section of our website provides access to important information to help you stay up-to-date with payors and HNS' policies and procedures,  care guidelines, changes in the industry, health related news, HNS seminars and events and more.




Please check this section often for important news and updates.  


Email - Because we use email as our primary means of communicating important information, please immediately logon to HNSConnect® if your email address changes, and provide HNS with your current email address.



tracelogoRB4/2/21 - Holiday Closing

HNS will be closed on Friday, April 2nd, and will reopen Monday morning, April 5th.

We wish you all a very happy and safe holiday! 



tracelogoRB12/29/20 - Telehealth Reimbursement for Chiropractic Services

As a result of the pandemic, BCBSNC and CIGNA continue to cover some E/M and Rehab services when performed by a chiropractor via telehealth encounter.  

However, due to evolving changes in telehealth coverage, and recent changes to E/M code requirements, HNS Network Physicians should call and verify benefits prior to performing any telehealth service to determine whether coverage exists for the service and what specific requirements must be meet for reimbursement, including, but not limited to: 

  • What must be documented in the healthcare record;
  • What modifier should be used;
  • What place of service code should be entered; and
  • Does the service require that the telehealth encounter be performed using audio or video technology, or technology capable of both?

 Please also note that:

BCBSNC’s current telehealth reimbursement policy is in place through 06/30/21, and may be found here:  BCBSNC Telehealth Reimbursement Policy.


CIGNA’s new telehealth reimbursement policy is effective 01/01/21, and may be found here:  Cigna Virtual Care Reimbursement Policy.



tracelogoRB8/1/19 - Technical Difficulties Resolved

Our technical issues have been resolved and the 07/31/19 bulk provider payments have been issued. The associated EOBs and 835 auto-payment files will be available later today or early in the morning. Further, access to the secure section of HNSConnect® has now been restored.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.



tracelogoRB8/1/19 - HNSConnect® Unavailable

HNS is experiencing technical difficulties, and as such, the release of the 07/31/19 bulk provider payments and associated EOBs and 835 auto-payment files will be delayed.  Additionally, the secure section of HNSConnect® is not available at this time.

Our IT partners are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

We greatly apologize for the inconvenience. Please be on the lookout for an email from HNS to let you know the issues have been resolved.



tracelogoRB12/27/18 - New Medicare Contract

HNS is pleased to announce a new Medicare contract for our NC providers. Effective 1/1/2019, all HNS network providers in North Carolina will be participating with Focus Plan.

Please review the Focus Plan Quick Reference Guide for additional information regarding this contract.



tracelogoRB10/10/18 - Claim Rejection

HNS has received an enormous amount of claims with incorrect ICD-10 codes. (Either the code submitted was no longer valid, or the code submitted was not valid for the date of service to which it was linked.)  While there are others, the code most frequently incorrectly reported was ICD-10 code M79.1.  This code, while valid for dates of service prior to 10/01/18, is NOT valid for services provided on or after 10/01/18.  This code has been replaced with codes which provide a greater degree of specificity.  The payors have rejected all of these claims and HNS cannot return these claims to you.  Those claims must be resubmitted to HNS with the correct diagnosis.  We also strongly encourage you to review all claims submitted to HNS since 10/01/18 to ensure the correct ICD-10 codes were submitted.  If not, please refile the claims to HNS.



tracelogoRB10/8/18 - New ICD-10 Codes 

 The 2019 changes to ICD-10 codes, which were effective 10/01/18 have been added to HNSConnect®.



tracelogoRB9/17/18 - Telephones/Faxes Down

The phone and fax lines at HNS are down and we are working with our service vendor to get the service restored as quickly as possible.  Until further notice, please only use email to communicate with HNS.

Thank you for your patience.



tracelogoRB1/8/18 - Admin Fees for Government Plans

Effective 01/01/18, admin fee percentages for all managed care plans will be based on the provider's CPR participation status.



tracelogoRB11/7/17 - 2018 Save the Date (HNS CE Seminars)

The dates of the 2018 HNS CE Seminars are below:


- August 11, 2018 - Charlotte, NC (Dr. Kevin Sharp-6 hours)
- September 8, 2018 - Raleigh, NC (Dr. Kevin Sharp-6 hours)
- June 21-24, 2018 - SCCA Convention, Myrtle Beach, SC (Dr. Kevin Sharp-6 hours)



tracelogoRB11/7/17 - Error re HNS Compliance Training

The Certificate of Completion received after successful completion of the Compliance Training quiz mistakenly indicated that the compliance training had been approved by licensing boards for CEUs. This was an error. The Compliance Training is not approved for any CEUs. We apologize for this error.


tracelogoRB11/7/17 - HNS Compliance Training

All HNS providers must complete the required Annual Compliance Training no later than November 25, 2017. To access the training module and the Compliance quiz, log into the Secure HNS Portal and click Annual Compliance Training on the top menu of the provider dashboard. Upon successful completion of the quiz, providers will receive a confirmation email verifying that he/she has successfully completed the training.



tracelogoRB10/9/17 - HNSConnect® Unavailable

HNSConnect® will be unavailable after midnight on Thursday, 10/12/2017 and will not be accessible again until the morning of Wednesday, 10/18/2017.


During this time, you will not be able to submit claims or access your HNS EOBs via HNSConnect®.


- Because you will not be able to submit claims via HNSConnect® during this time, HNS recommends that you ensure all outstanding claims are submitted no later than Thursday, October 12th.

- Also, HNS recommends that immediately following the bulk provider payment date of 10/10/2017, you promptly print out your EOBs or download the 835 remittance file, as you will not be able to access the EOBs again until 10/18/2017.


If you have any questions regarding this migration, please contact your HNS Service Representative.



tracelogoRB9/18/17 - CIGNA Connect

Reminder - CIGNA Connect requires a referral from a PCP.  The CIGNA section of the website (Billing/Claim Support) has been updated with important information about this plan.


tracelogoRB8/14/17 - Select Health VIP Care Plus

Please note that Select Health VIP Care Plus claims cannot be submitted to HNS electronically.

Claims for these members must be mailed to HNS and must clearly state "VIP Care Plus" in Box 11c of the claim form.


tracelogoRB1/16/17 - Benefit Verification Reminder

When verifying eligibility and benefits with any HNS contracted payer, please remember you must use the HNS NPI and/or EIN to obtain in-network benefit information.

Please post the information below in a convenient place to assist you when verifying patient benefits.

NPI - 1093773392
EIN - 56-1971088


tracelogoRB11/28/16 - 2017 CE Seminars. Save the Dates!

HNS will hold 4 CE seminars in 2017. Each seminar will be for 6 CEUs.

     5/6/17                  Greensboro, NC - ICD-10 Updates
     6/23/17-6/24/17   Myrtle Beach, SC (SCCA Convention) - Documentation and Risk Management

     8/19/17                Charlotte, NC - Documentation and Risk Management

     10/21/17              Raleigh, NC - Documentation and Risk Management


tracelogoRB11/1/16 - Reminder - Select Health and Absolute Total Care

Chiropractic services covered by Select Health and Absolute Total Care and the fees for those services are based on the SC State Medicare Fee Schedule and are subject to change.

As a reminder, please contact these organizations to verify what services are covered prior to providing care.


tracelogoRB9/26/16 - Mandatory CE (effective 01/01/17)

Because physician education can positively influence the physician's and the network's ability to consistently deliver effective, cost-efficient care, providers new on CPR Probation status on or after 01/01/2017 will be required to successfully complete the 6 hour continuing education program on the HNS website titled Improving Outcomes with Excellence in Clinical Documentation.  Providers required to complete the CE must do so within 20 days of the date shown on the CPR report in which the Probation status was first assigned.

This CE course was designed to help improve treatment outcomes and cost-efficiency and has been approved for 6 CEUs by both the NC and SC Boards of Chiropractic Examiners.  Upon successful completion of the program, providers will have an opportunity to print a CE Certificate reflecting the CE obtained.


tracelogoRB9/14/16 - CIGNA Claims Issue

CIGNA has notified HNS that they are experiencing a system glitch resulting in the rejection of claims for "invalid diagnosis" when the diagnoses on the claims are, in fact, valid.  CIGNA is working to resolve this as quickly as possible, but this will likely result in a delay in payments of impacted claims.


tracelogoRB9/12/16 2017 ICD-10 Seminar - Save the Date!

There are many changes occurring with ICD-10 codes.  Beginning in 2017, payors will be making changes to physician reimbursement based on how these codes are utilized.

Because of these important changes, HNS will be hosting an ICD-10 seminar in Greensboro, NC on Saturday, May 6, 2017.  The seminar will be taught by Dr. Mario Fucinari, a nationally known expert on ICD-10 for chiropractic.

Please mark your calendars now and SAVE THE DATE!


tracelogoRB8/30/16 - Changes to ICD-10 Codes - Effective 10/1/16

Effective 10/1/16 many ICD-10 codes you may currently be using will be deleted. New codes have been added to replace these codes.

HNS has updated the HNS Code Translator with these changes and the revised Code Translator can be found in the ICD-10 section of the website.

Please review these changes and update your software accordingly, as claims with deleted codes for services on or after 10/1/16 will be rejected/denied.


tracelogoRB7/20/16 - HNS Website

HNS is experiencing technical difficulties with our website. We hope to have the issue resolved by 2 pm today.

We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this.


tracelogoRB7/14/16 - New HNS Policy (Adverse Events)

In order to comply with NCQA Credentialing Standards, HNS is now required to collect information about, and investigate, adverse events.

An adverse event is an injury that occurs while a patient is receiving health care services from a provider.

In order to ensure compliance to this credentialing standard, HNS has developed a new policy to which providers must comply. 

The new policy is below and has been added to the HNS Website under the HNS/Payor Policy section.

HNS Policy: Adverse Events

Providers must notify HNS, in writing, if an adverse event occurs in their practice. Providers must notify HNS within 5 business days of the date the adverse event occurred.

An adverse event is an injury that occurs while a patient is receiving health care services from a provider. The written notification must include the following:

- The name of the provider; and 
- The date the event occurred; and
- A summary of the event.

Please carefully review this policy and please remember to notify HNS should an adverse event occur in your practice.

tracelogoRB7/12/16 - Update on Penalties for Violations of the False Claims Act

HNS has recently learned that effective August 1, 2016, penalties for violations of the False Claims Act will increase from $5000 - $11,000 per claim to $10,781 - $21,562 per claim.

With such high penalties, compliance is more important than ever so if you have not yet completed your require Compliance Training, please remember, the deadline for completion is July 31, 2016.


tracelogoRB5/10/16 - CIGNA Fee Schedule Update - Hot/Cold Packs

Effective August 13, 2016, Cigna will no longer allow for separate reimbursement for CPT code 97010 Hot/Cold Packs. Per Cigna, this procedure code is designated by CMS as "bundled" by a status code indicator of "B" on the CMS National Physician Fee Schedule Relative Value File. This procedure is considered a component of, or incident to, the overall service provided and separate reimbursement is not warranted.


tracelogoRB1/28/16 - Important CIGNA Update - New 2016 CPT Codes

Cigna Healthcare has advised HNS that the new 2016 CPT codes will not be added to their system until after the end of the first quarter of 2016. Until the new codes have been updated in their system, providers should continue to use the 2015 codes.

Providers should continue to submit radiology codes 72010 and 73510 until Cigna notifies HNS that the new 2016 replacement codes have been added. We will notify you as soon as we receive word from Cigna.

Cigna regrets any inconvenience this may cause.


tracelogoRB1/18/16 - Save the Date! 2016 HNS Seminar Schedule

HNS' 2016 seminars, presented by Dr. Kevin Sharp, will be held in the following locations on the dates below. The seminars have been approved by the NC BOCE for 6 hours of CEU and meet the Board's CE requirements for documentation.


Raleigh, NC - August 20, 2016
Charlotte, NC - October 15, 2016


Please mark your calendar and save the date! HNS will notify you when registration begins for each seminar.


tracelogoRB12/1/15 - Update on Select Health of South Carolina Contract

HNS has signed a new agreement with Select Health of South Carolina which limits participation of HNS providers to SC providers only.

Effective 12/01/15, those few providers in NC who participated with Select Health via their HNS contract will no longer be participating Select Health providers.


tracelogoRB10/29/15 - New HNS Contract (NC Providers)

HNS is pleased to announce a new contract that we hope will bring many new patients to your practice.  HealthTeam Advantage, a product of Care N' Care Insurance Company of North Carolina, is a Medicare Advantage plan serving Medicare beneficiaries in Alamance, Guilford, Randolph and Rockingham counties beginning January 1, 2016.

The fee schedule for this contract is now available on the secure section of the HNS website.

Office Ally Payor ID - If you are submitting claims to HNS via Office Ally, the HNS Payor ID for this new plan is HCC01.  To ensure your claims are sent to HNS for submission to this payor, please make sure to update your system to include this payor ID number.

HNS has created a new section on our website that includes important information regarding this contract, including how to verify benefits, how to complete claims, and more.  This information can be accessed via the "HealthTeam Advantage Guide" tab under the "Billing / Claim Support" tab.  Please be sure to carefully review this information prior to the contract effective date.

tracelogoRB10/2/15 - New Patient Non-Compliance Form

Patient non-compliance is a significant and contributory factor to poor treatment outcomes which can lead to more costly health care as well as potential malpractice claims and should be documented in the patient's health care record.

To assist in the documentation of this important issue, HNS has created a Patient Non-Compliance Form which has been added to the HNS Forms section of our website. The form is provided in Word format so you may add your practice name to it. Please review this form and complete it and make it part of the health care record whenever you have a patient who fails to comply with your treatment plan/treatment recommendations.


tracelogoRB9/25/15 - BCBSNC Requirement for Corrected & Voided Claims (NC Providers)

Corrected Claims
Effective 10/01/15, BCBSNC corrected claims must include BOTH the number 7 and the original claim number in Box 22. The original claim number must be obtained from Blue e and will be displayed on Blue e as "Claim Reference Number". The claim should have the word "corrected" at the top of the claim in large bold letters.

Voided Claims
Effective 10/01/15, BCBSNC voided claims must include BOTH the number 8 and the original claim number in Box 22. The original claim number must be obtained from Blue e and will be displayed on Blue e as "Claim Reference Number".

Please be sure to comply with these new BCBSNC requirements as claims without this information will be denied or returned for correction.


tracelogoRB9/24/15 - Correction to BCBSNC Fee Schedule (NC Providers)

HNS made a typographical error when reporting the new BCBSNC fee for CPT code 98941. The fee was incorrectly reported as $35.59. The correct fee for this service is $35.50. The BCBSNC fee schedule posted on the secure portion of the website has been updated to reflect the correct fee. We apologize for our error and any inconvenience this has caused.


tracelogoRB9/14/15 - ICD-10 Testing Deadline Extended

HNS has extended the deadline for ICD-10 testing to September 25th. 

As a reminder, you must schedule the testing in advance. To schedule the testing, please email Ms. Christie Kircher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


tracelogoRB8/27/15 - New BCBSNC Fee Schedule (NC Providers)

The new BCBSNC fee schedule is effective September 1, 2015, and is posted on the secure portion of the HNS website.


tracelogoRB8/6/15 - Update on ICD-10 Testing

HNS will only offer ICD-10 testing through September 10, 2015. After that date, no additional ICD-10 testing will be conducted.

If you are submitting claims directly to HNS via HNSConnect, we urge you to contact Ms. Christie Kircher in the HNS IT Department and schedule your testing as soon as possible. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As a reminder, testing must be scheduled in advance.


tracelogoRB8/3/15 -New Cigna Plan for SC Providers

Beginning January 1, 2016, Cigna will offer a new managed care product called LocalPlus. This plan is being offered to employers in the SC counties of Greenville, Greenwood, Laurens, Oconee and Spartanburg.

The product includes the following plans:

1. LocalPlus
2. LocalPlus IN
3. Choice Fund LocalPlus
4. Choice Fund LocalPlus IN

HNS providers are participating "in-network" providers for these plans and claims for these plans should be filed through HNS.


tracelogoRB7/28/15 -BCBS Medicare Replacement Plans

In order to receive in-network rates for Blue Medicare, or in-network rates for out-of-state BCBS Medicare replacement plans, providers in NC must be participating providers in the BCBS Blue Medicare Program.

As a reminder, participation in the Blue Medicare Program requires separate contracting and credentialing directly with BCBSNC.


tracelogoRB6/2/15 - New CMS 1500 Claim Checklist

To help ensure the timely payment of claims submitted to HNS, we have created a checklist to use when completing paper claims to send to HNS. This checklist clarifies which boxes must be completed on the CMS 1500 claim form, and the information needed for each box, in order to prevent the return of the claim to your practice. It also includes information on how to properly submit secondary and corrected claims. The new checklist can be found on the HNS website under HNS Forms, then under "Administrative Forms". Please check your claims against this checklist prior to submission. We are confident it will help reduce the number of claims that must be returned to your office for correction.


tracelogoRB5/26/15 - New Election Not to File Form (for PI Cases) Required as of June 1,                2015

To protect the interests of the patient and the provider, for PI cases in which the patient requests the provider not file claims, HNS providers may ONLY comply with this request provided the patient has signed and dated HNS' Election Not to File Form (for PI Cases), prior to receiving any services, and the form is maintained in the patient's health care record. This form can be found under the HNS Forms Tab on the HNS website.

Failure to use this form, and to maintain a signed copy of this form in the patient's health care record, may result in the forfeiture of all payments owed to you (from all sources) for services provided in conjunction with personal injuries.  


For other requests from patients not to file claims, the provider may only comply with the request, provided the patient has stated their request, in writing, prior to receiving any services, and the signed and dated written statement is maintained in the patient's health care record. 


tracelogoRB5/11/15 - Update on Strapping & Kinesiology Taping

If the Kinesio taping is performed to facilitate movement by providing support, and the tape is applied specifically to enable less painful use of the joint and greater function, application of the tape in this manner is typically part of neuromuscular re-education (97112) or therapeutic exercise (97110), depending on the intent and the outcome desired. In these cases, the application of the tape would be included in the time spent in direct contact with the patient and would not be appropriately billed using strapping codes.

However, if the purpose of the taping is to immobilize the joint, then kinesiology taping is not appropriate. If you are strapping to immobilize the joint, strapping codes may be utilized, as these codes describe the use of a strap or other reinforced material applied post-fracture (or other injury) to immobilize the joint.

Additional Notes from HNS:
BCBS considers Kinesiology Taping investigational so it is a non-covered service for BCBSNC members.


tracelogoRB5/11/15 - Important Reminder - BCBS and Billing for Lab Work

BCBSNC participating providers and facilities have a contractual obligation to refer all lab services only to BCBS in-network laboratories.

To confirm if a laboratory is participating with BCBSNC, simply access the "Find a Doctor or Facility" tool, available online at or contact the Provider Blue Line at 1-800-214-4844.


tracelogoRB5/5/15 - Modifier Change (BCBS & Medcost) - 98943

For BCBS and MedCost claims - when reporting 98943 together with a spinal manipulation code, you must append the 98943 code with modifier 59.  If the modifier 51 is used in place of the 59, there will be a 50% reduction to your charge for the extraspinal manipulation.

If you have received a payment which reflected the 50% reduction as a result of the use of modifier 51, please submit a corrected claim to HNS.

As a reminder, corrected claims for BCBS must include BOTH the number 7 and the word "corrected" in Box 22 on the CMS claim form.

Please make a note of this and please make sure your Billing CA receives this important message.


tracelogoRB5/5/15 - CIGNA Processing Issue

Certain Cigna claims (processed between April 8, 2015 - April 21, 2015) were processed incorrectly to the wrong member. Cigna is correcting these claims internally and you should receive corrected EOBs within 8 weeks.
If you have any questions, please contact your HNS Service Representative.


tracelogoRB4/28/15 - New Update on BCBS Cost Estimator

BCBSNC has provided additional clarification regarding the online BCBS Cost Estimator.

For each of the chiropractic categories, the average costs are calculated based on contracted allowables (not charges).

For the categories which display in the Cost Estimator (Extraspinal, 1-2 regions, 3-4 regions and 5 or more regions), the average costs displayed are the average of the costs of all services provided in conjunction with the specific CMT code billed during 2014. (For example, in the category "Manipulation, 1-2 regions" (98940) if a provider billed electrical stimulation and mechanical traction on the same date of service as 98940, both the stim and traction charges have been included in BCBS' calculation of the average costs.)

Regarding the category "Chiropractic Treatment", BCBS has clarified that this category does involve some overlap with other categories, but is provided for those patients who may not know the specific chiropractic treatment they will be receiving and provides them with an overall comparison of relative costs for chiropractic care for the specific provider.

As a reminder, for each of the chiropractic categories, the average costs are calculated based on 2014 calendar year claims data.

 tracelogoRB4/28/15 - ICD-10 Updates

ICD-10 Online Seminar 
The HNS-sponsored online ICD-10 seminar is now available on the secure portion of this website.  This program has been approved for 6 CEUs by both the NC BOCE and SC BOCE.  This is an excellent program, both for physicians AND for billing CAs. 

ICD-10 Testing

HNS is now scheduling ICD-10 testing of electronic claim files submitted to HNS via HNSConnect. Testing must be scheduled in advance. Prior to testing you must ensure the ICD-10 codes are loaded in your software. To schedule your testing, please email HNS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


tracelogoRB4/16/15 - HIPAA Reminder Claims

HNS has experienced a significant increase in the receipt of claims (both paper and electronic) for patients whose health care plans do not contract with HNS (examples: Medicare primary claims, United Healthcare claims, Aetna claims, etc.).  As those claims include PHI (protected health information), submission of those claims to HNS is a violation of HIPAA privacy and security regulations.  We urge all providers to ensure compliance to all HIPAA regulations.

Additionally, please note that HNS cannot transmit or forward claims to health care plans that do not contract with HNS. Claims received by HNS which are intended for a health care plan that does not contract with HNS will be destroyed.


tracelogoRB3/9/15 - Update on BCBS Cost Estimator

BCBS has provided the following clarification to HNS regarding the average costs that display in the BCBSNC Cost Estimator.

        1. For each of the chiropractic categories, the average costs are calculated based on 2014 calendar year claims data.
        2. For each of the chiropractic categories, the average costs are calculated based on the provider's actual charges, not contracted allowables.
        3. For the following categories which display in the Cost Estimator (Extraspinal, 1-2 regions, 3-4 regions and 5 or more regions), the average costs displayed are the average of the costs of all services provided in conjunction with the specific CMT code billed during 2014.  (For example, in the category "Manipulation, 1-2 regions" (98940) if a provider billed electrical stimulation and mechanical traction on the same date of service as 98940, both the stim and traction charges have been included in BCBS's calculation of the average costs.)

HNS is still working with BCBS to obtain more information regarding the averages displayed under the category "Chiropractic Treatment" and will update the network as soon as we have more information.


tracelogoRB3/4/15 - Update to HNSConnect - Claims with Errors

HNS has added a new feature to HNSConnect to make it easier (and faster) to identify and correct claims with errors.

The new feature allows you to view ONLY claim batches that contain claims with errors. To use this new feature, in the "Check Status" option on HNSConnect, from the drop down menu, choose the number of days you want to review, then click the new "View Batches with Errors" option to view only the batches that contain errors.


tracelogoRB2/10/15 - Discount for ChiroCode's ICD-10 Coding Book

HNS has negotiated a discount for ChiroCode's ICD-10 Coding for Chiropractic. Considered on of the best ICD-10 resources for chiropractic, providers may purchase this book at a 10% discount, plus free shipping and handling.

The discount is only valid on orders placed by telephone. To get your book at the discounted price, call their toll-free number 1 (800) 944-9877 and use HNS promo code: HNSFreeShip.

Regular price: $129.00

Price for HNS providers: $116.10
(includes free shipping and handling)


tracelogoRB1/20/15 - BCBS Processing of Zero Payments

Zero Payment Claim Lines

Providers who receive funds from BCBSNC may have received incomplete Explanation of Payments (EOPs) and HIPAA 835 electronic remittance advices (ERAs) for claims paid on November 13th, 14th and 18th, 2014.

Impacted EOPs were those with one or more claim lines with zeroes in the amount paid fields. Although the claim lines with payment were on the EOPs, the claim lines without payment were not included.

BCBSNC identified all impacted EOPs and HIPAA 835s and has no provided supplemental EOPs to providers affected by this issue.

If you had claim lines with zero payment omitted from an EOP or HIPAA 835 remittance advice for claims processed on November 13th, 14th or 18th, you should receive an EOP for this in the 01/20/15 HNS bulk provider payment.

BCBS apologizes for the delay in furnishing the payment information.


tracelogoRB1/16/15 - BCBSNC Requests for Health Care Records

BCBSNC has contracted with various outside entities to assist them in the collection of health care data. As such, you may be contacted by one of these organizations and asked to provide copies of health care records. The reasons for the data collection vary and include, but are not limited to, collection of data for risk assessment associated with requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the collection of "HEDIS" data. The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a tool used by more than 90 percent of America's health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service.

If you are contacted by one of these entities and asked to produce copies of health care records, please promptly provide them with the requested information.


 tracelogoRB1/15/15 - Free In-Office Interpretive Services

By improving your ability to more effectively interact with patients of different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, particularly those with limited English proficiency, HNS' Cultural Competency Program helps you provide the highest quality of care to every patient, regardless of race, ethnicity, or cultural background. Please review all of the information in the Cultural Competency section on this website and, if you have not yet done so, be sure to sign up for our free in-office interpretive services and take advantage of the HNS forms that are now available in Spanish. Instructions for signing up for the in-office interpretive services are included in the Cultural Competency section of the website.


tracelogoRB1/14/15 - BCBS Cost Estimator

Please be advised that some of the costs for chiropractic care that display in the new BCBSNC Cost Estimator appear to be incorrect. HNS is working with BCBSNC to determine if there are issues with the Estimator and, if so, to find a resolution.

We will keep you posted on HNS / BCBS efforts to correct this.

tracelogoRB1/13/15 - New BCBSNC Corporate Medical Policy

Just a reminder, if you have not yet done so, please review the revised BCBSNC Corporate Medical Policy (CMP) for Chiropractic. The CMP is on the HNS website under HNS/Payor Policies.

Per the new CMP, Kinesio Taping is considered investigational, so it is not a covered service for your BCBS patients.