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tracelogoRB10/7/21 - New HNS Contract - WellCare Medicare Advantage

HNS is pleased to announce that effective December 1, 2021, we will add WellCare Medicare Advantage (MA) to our list of contracted plans for SC providers through our contract with Absolute Total Care (ATC).

HNS has created a new section of our website that includes important information regarding this contract including how to verify benefits, how to complete claims, and more. This information can be accessed by clicking WellCare MA Guide under Billing/Claim Support and choosing WellCare Quick Reference Guide (Medicare Advantage) from the wine-colored side menu.

If you have any questions regarding this new contract, please email your HNS Service Representative.



tracelogoRB12/29/20 - Telehealth Reimbursement for Chiropractic Services

As a result of the pandemic, BCBSNC and CIGNA continue to cover some E/M and Rehab services when performed by a chiropractor via telehealth encounter.  

However, due to evolving changes in telehealth coverage, and recent changes to E/M code requirements, HNS Network Physicians should call and verify benefits prior to performing any telehealth service to determine whether coverage exists for the service and what specific requirements must be meet for reimbursement, including, but not limited to: 

  • What must be documented in the healthcare record;
  • What modifier should be used;
  • What place of service code should be entered; and
  • Does the service require that the telehealth encounter be performed using audio or video technology, or technology capable of both?

 Please also note that:

BCBSNC’s current telehealth reimbursement policy is in place through 06/30/21, and may be found here:  BCBSNC Telehealth Reimbursement Policy.


CIGNA’s new telehealth reimbursement policy is effective 01/01/21, and may be found here:  Cigna Virtual Care Reimbursement Policy.