HNS Policy  

  1. Each physician shall establish a fee for each service offered by the practice.

  2. Once a fee has been established for each service offered, physicians shall bill the same fee to each payor/healthcare plan contracted with HNS.
    (i.e., for any service provided, physicians shall not charge one healthcare plan a fee different than the fee charged to another healthcare plan contracted with HNS.)

  3. Payor contracted allowables (as shown on fee schedules) shall not be used as a charge for services provided. 

Physicians have complete authority to set their own prices for the services they provide. As with any business, fees should reflect the value of the products and services provided. Fees should take into consideration the costs of providing each service, and the total costs of running your business.


While each provider can decide what fees he/she wishes to charge, when determining what fees to charge, it is helpful to be aware of what each payor has agreed to pay for each covered service provided. For each payor with which you contract, carefully review each fee schedule. (All HNS Fee Schedules are available on the secure section of the HNS Website.) When setting your fees, keep in mind that most healthcare plans pay the lessor of the billed charge and the contracted "allowable".