HNS Policy 

All acupuncture services provided and billed through HNS must be consistent with all HNS and HNS contracted payor policies, the policies of applicable state licensing boards as well as state and federal laws.


Only those providers who have met the appropriate state Board of Examiner's continuing education requirements for acupuncture, and have submitted evidence of such continuing education to that Board, may provide acupuncture services to patients whose claims are filed through HNS.


Providers rendering acupuncture services are required to use only FDA approved disposable needles (no autoclavable reusable needles), and must ensure proper hazardous waste disposal procedures are in place.


Documentation must include:

  • Type of modality

  • Specific meridian and specific points

  • The number of needles applied

  • Specific anatomical areas where needles applied

  • Any use of electrical stimulation

  • Duration of the service time (should be reported in 15 minute increments)


    NOTE: Time includes pre-service, intra-service, and post-service work.


Acupuncture is not covered by many insurance companies so it is imperative to verify coverage prior to treatment. When verifying acupuncture coverage, please be sure to clarify if coverage applies when the acupuncture services are provided by a chiropractor.