HNS Policy   

HNS providers shall provide timely notification to HNS, in writing, of any changes to their practice information.


Do not contact or notify HNS payors regarding any changes to your  practice information.  After HNS receives information from you regarding a change to your practice information, HNS will notify the contracted payors of the change(s).  If you contact the payor directly regarding a practice change, it may result in the inadvertent termination of your participation in the HNS Network.


As a reminder, HNS providers are contractually required to notify HNS, in writing, no later than fifteen (15) calendar days following the occurrence of any of the following events:


  • Provider’s license to practice in the state is suspended, revoked, terminated, or subject to terms of probation or other restrictions, or there are any subsequent changes in the status of any information relating to provider’s professional credentials;


  • Provider has become a defendant in any malpractice action, receives any pleadings, notice or demands of claim, or service of process relating to alleged malpractice, or is required to pay damages in any such action by way of judgment or settlement;


  • Provider becomes the subject of any disciplinary proceeding or action before participant’s requisite state licensing agency or a similar agency in any state;


  • Provider is convicted of a felony relating directly or indirectly to the practice of chiropractic;


  • There is a change in the provider’s business address;


  • Provider becomes incapacitated, as that term is defined under the appropriate state practice act for that provider;


  • An act of nature or any event beyond provider’s reasonable control which will likely interrupt all or a portion of provider’s practice for a period of sixty (60) consecutive calendar days or which may have a material adverse effect on provider’s ability to perform provider’s obligations hereunder for such a period;


  • Any change in the nature or extent of services rendered by provider;


  • Any change in the status of the provider’s participation with HNS;


  • Any other act, event, occurrence or the like which might materially affect the provider’s ability to carry out provider’s duties and obligations under the HNS Participation Agreement;


  • The addition of another practice location or the closure of a practice location;


  • The addition of a provider to the practice and/or if a provider leaves an existing practice.


  • Any change to office hours.


HNS is required to notify HNS contracted payors of any of the above changes within 15 days of receipt of notice of changes.