HNS Policy

Covered services provided and billed through HNS should be delivered in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.


Claims for all covered services provided to patients whose health care plans contract with HNS must be filed through HNS.


Providers should never initiate a conversation with the patient regarding not filing health care claims. The only exception to the provider's contractual responsibility to file claims to HNS is if the patient initiates a request not to file and the following policies are followed.


Exception: If a patient does not wish to have their claims filed to their healthcare plan, providers must comply with this request. However, such requests may only be honored if the patient has first signed the applicable HNS Election Not to File Form.


Because these forms include facts the member needs to make an informed decision regarding whether to file claims to his/her healthcare plan, only the HNS Election Not to File Forms may be used.


A copy of the signed form must be provided to the member, and the original form must be maintained in the patient's health care record.


If the patient elects not to file and signs the applicable form, the provider cannot discount the fees he/she charges to the patient. The provider must charge his/her usual and customary fees for all services provided. 


Providers who fail to comply with these policies will be subject to immediate termination from the HNS Network. 




Important note on covered services:

Payor corporate medical policies supersede information provided when verifying benefits.  For this reason, HNS providers must be familiar with HNS contracted payor corporate medical policies for chiropractic. For the convenience of our healthcare professionals, most payor corporate medical policies are posted on this web site.