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Free CE from HNS 

Committed to improving safety and quality of health care through ongoing provider education, and to help our health care professionals meet the CE requirements of their state licensing boards, HNS provides clinical resources and free, board-approved continuing education programs.


Visit the News/Events section of this website OR email your HNS Service Representative for complete details about our current seminars and how to register.


Online CE and Clinical Resources 

Each online course for credit has been approved by both the NC and SC licensing boards.


The online CE courses are accessible via the secure portion of the HNS Website. Providers must be logged in to HNSConnect® using their unique PHYSICIAN username and password to receive credit for courses.


Reporting Hours to Licensing Board 

For NC providers, HNS will report the CEUs to the NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners within 10 days of successful completion of the CE program.


For SC providers, be sure to save the CE Certificate for your files.  (The certificate includes the required form number assigned by the SC BOCE.)


To help you stay ahead of the curve, HNS also provides numerous online clinical resources for our health care professionals.






NCCA/SCCA Conventions 

If you are a member of your state association, HNS will pay the registration cost for you to attend your associations' conventions each year, provided you obtain at least six hours of CE at the convention. (As a general rule, 18 hours of CE is available at each convention.)


Please visit the secure section of this website OR email your HNS Service Representative for complete details about this year's "Free CE from HNS" program and how to register!