HNS Policy  

With few exceptions, HNS issues payments to providers via electronic funds transfer (EFT).


As a general rule, HNS issues bulk payments on the 10th, 20th and last business day of each month.  If, however, the 10th or 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, payments are issued on the next business day.


The final payment of each month is always issued on the last business day of each month unless that day is a holiday. If the last business day falls on a holiday, HNS will issue payment on the last business day before the holiday.


On the dates indicated above, HNS transfers the EFT payment file to HNS' bank. The bank then disperses the payments to the various banks where our providers hold an account (the account they have registered with HNS). HNS has no control over when the payment may be credited to your bank account as that is dependent on when your own bank posts the payment to your account. As a general rule, you should expect the payment to appear in your account in 1-3 business days.


On each payment date, HNS issues all payments that have been received since the previous payment date. It is important to note that HNS has no control over when contracted payors adjudicate your claims or when they issue payment to HNS.



As soon as HNS issues the EFT payment file to our bank, we begin the process of uploading the EOBs associated with those payments to HNSConnect®.  Because of the enormity of this file, it often takes up to 24 hours for the EOBs to appear on HNSConnect®.


Note:  Even if you do not receive any payments on a payment date, it is important to check to see if you have received any EOBs. Remember - payors issue EOBs even if the payment(s) was applied to co-payments or deductibles, and the data on those EOBs must be posted to your patient accounts.


Posting Payments

Payments, including zero dollar payments as noted above, received through HNS from HNS' Health Benefit Plan Sponsors must be posted to patient accounts within 15 days of receipt.


When posting payments you must adjust the patient's account to reflect the write off taken for the contractual adjustment (the difference between your charge and the contracted allowable).  The amount that must be recorded as a contractual adjustment must never be reflected as an amount owed by the member.