tracelogoRB Primary Claims

cropped woman in swingWith a few exceptions, all primary claims must be filed electronically to HNS via HNSConnect®.  To review HNS' Electronic Claim Filing Policy, click here.


Please remember to check HNSConnect® for any claims with errors and correct and resubmit promptly.  Claims with errors cannot be transmitted to HNS contracted payors until all corrections have been completed. 


If you receive an HNS Electronic Claim Error Report, please make the appropriate correction in your computer software program and resubmit the claim through HNSConnect®.



Timely Filing 

All primary claims must be submitted to HNS within 15 days of date of service.


The following claims cannot be submitted via HNSConnect® and must be submitted via the CMS 1500 claim form:



NOTE:  For more information regarding which TPA claims must be submitted via a paper claim form, please refer to the CIGNA Healthcare Guide under "Billing/Claims Support".