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With nearly 2 decades of experience, HNS knows how to identify
fraud, abuse and non-compliance.


We know what to look for, and we use rule-based technology, sophisticated analytics, education and clinical expertise to combat
fraud and abuse. We work to identify those providers who warrant
further review so that corrective measures can be promptly taken.


We continually assess, quantify, monitor and manage provider compliance, reducing wasteful spend, and allowing your fraud and special
investigation units to focus their efforts elsewhere.



Simplifying Compliance 

Healthcare professionals are faced with a proliferation of compliance requirements, from state and federal regulations to payor corporate medical policies and clinical practice guides. To simplify and promote compliance by contracted healthcare professionals, HNS maintains a compliance program which was developed with guidance from the Office of Inspector General (OIG).  The program includes Standards of Conduct and Compliance Policies for contracted healthcare providers as well as compliance training, which must be completed within 15 days of the healthcare professional's participation with HNS, and annually thereafter.



Ongoing Provider Education 

At HNS, we believe that compliance begins with education. In addition to fraud and abuse training, we provide educational programs and clinical resources that foster adherence to evidence-based practices, as well as online programs to improve clinical documentation, coding, and billing practices. 


By promoting adherence to evidence-based practices, client corporate medical policy bulletins, and state and federal laws, our programs improve compliance, reduce fraud and abuse and reduce wasteful spend.




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