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Health Network Solutions, Inc. (HNS) is a leading, solutions-focused health care administration organization committed to the delivery of superior clinical and financial outcomes for our clients.


Through strategic partnerships with health plans and providers, and effective, innovative solutions, we work to make health care more accessible, more effective, and more affordable.


Our Experience

With almost two decades of expertise in successful network management, and millions of covered lives under contract, we’re experienced, and our experience translates into proven solutions that improve quality while increasing your bottom line.  As a testament to our success, at contract renewal each of our clients has continued to choose HNS as their strategic partner.


Our Proven Solutions

HNS’ proven solutions help you achieve immediate - and sustainable cost savings.  We offer integrated, stand-alone, or customized solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each client.  Through increased access to conservative treatment options, innovative quality initiatives, cost-saving administrative support, efficient electronic solutions, and competitive pricing platforms, our solutions improve quality while reducing your spend.


HNS Networks

From regional, multi-state, and national networks, to bridging gaps in ACOs, HNS’ networks meet the needs of your employer groups and members.  Choose from our High Performance Network or our Access Plus network, or we’ll provide a seamless conversion of your existing provider panel with no disruption in member services.  Whichever strategy is right for you, we’ll deliver a network of tiered and credentialed providers who follow evidence-informed treatment practices, reducing unnecessary services, helping you manage your spend. 


Innovative Quality Initiatives

HNS works directly with our health care professionals to manage the cost of health care, ensuring effective, cost efficient care for your members.  Offered as a core component of our solutions, our quality initiatives foster adherence to best clinical practices, align incentives between our clients, and health care professionals, improve quality and outcomes, reduce the variability in practice patterns that drive up costs and help you achieve a healthier bottom line.  Our regulatory compliance programs combine sophisticated analytics, ongoing monitoring, and clinical expertise to reduce fraud and abuse and reduce your wasteful spend.


Effective Administrative Solutions

HNS delivers an array of administrative services and solutions to improve efficiencies, reduce administrative costs and burdens, and help you meet new medical loss ratios (MLR).  From provider credentialing, to provider contracting under a single EIN, delegating these services to HNS reduces administrative costs and burdens.  Our centralized claims/remittance solutions streamline the claims and payment process, ensuring you receive only clean claims; all delivered electronically directly from HNS, and we do the rest, distributing funds and remittance information to all network providers.  Our member/provider support team fields thousands of calls that would otherwise be directed to you.  By connecting members and health care professionals with HNS Service Representatives to resolve administrative health care concerns, we increase member satisfaction while improving your bottom line.


Efficient Electronic Solutions

HNS embraces state-of-the-art technologies to develop and deliver advanced electronic solutions.  Our proprietary platforms eliminate costly manual and paper-based processes, improve data integrity, expedite claims closure, and rules-based analytics provide our clients with reliable business intelligence for decision support.  Our solutions improve efficiencies, help you plan for the future, simplify health care administration, and reduce costs.


Competitive Pricing Platforms

In an uncertain market, HNS delivers strong network discounts and innovative cost management strategies to help you stay competitive, so you can pass those savings on to your employer groups, and all under a single EIN.  From commercial products and government-funded plans to ASOs, our competitive pricing platforms help you achieve immediate and sustainable cost savings.


Best-in-Class Service

Our best-in-class service consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients, their members, and health care professionals.  Our dedicated professionals deliver superior outcomes with unparalleled service and support.



HNS has made an undeniable impact for other major health plans. We're ready to do the same for you.  Contact us today.



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