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Innovation and new technologies are necessary to support a constantly evolving health care industry. 


HNS embraces state-of-the-art technologies to streamline the claims and payment process and provide reliable business intelligence for our clients. 


Our innovative electronic solutions improve efficiencies, reduce administrative expenses, and simplify health care administration. 


We continually strive to ensure a more efficient health care system for our health care professionals, our clients, and their members. 


Our solutions:


Streamline the claims and payment process


Improve data integrity


Expedite claims closure


Eliminate costly manual and paper-based processes


Provide reliable business intelligence 


Our fully integrated HNSConnect® system allows HNS to deliver claims, remittance, and remittance information to our clients 100% electronically.  Robust rule-based technology and client-specific edits ensure you receive only “clean” claims.  Electronic remittance files are sent back to HNS and we do the rest, distributing payments to all network providers, all under a single EIN. HNSConnect® speeds claim resolution, improves efficiencies, and reduces your administrative costs.


HNS developed HNSConnect® to provide reliable information to help you make more informed decisions.  This proprietary platform leverages analytics, extensive data sets, and our deep industry knowledge to provide you with business intelligence for decision support.


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