tracelogoRBBenefit from CIGNA's Electronic Solutions

HNS is excited to provide you with access to the Cigna for HealthCare Professionals website,  This very user-friendly, secure website offers HNS providers easy access to valuable information and real-time transactions.


The web site allows you to view the status of your claims, check eligibility, and benefits and submit as many as 10 eligibility inquiries at one time.  That's just a few key features!  Online access to many day-to-day administrative tasks means you can get information quickly and work more efficiently.


Key functions include:

  • Verify eligibility (Access real-time details for most patients who are covered by a Cigna HealthCare plan.)
  • View the claim status for claims received, but not processed
  • View patient liability for processed claims
  • Submit up to 10 eligibility inquiries at one time
  • Search for eligibility information and claim status using flexible search criteria


How to Register for the Cigna for HealthCare Professionals website


HNS is functioning as the administrator of the website for all HNS Cigna Providers.  Please contact your HNS Service Representative and we will assist your office in getting registered.  The registration process is very simple and HNS is here to help.


We are sure you will find this website to be a wonderful time saver and a great tool for your practice.