woman doc xray cropped tracelogoRBImproving quality and reducing your spend.


Our innovative quality assurance initiatives promote quality, cost containment and superior service to your members. Our programs improve outcomes, help members make more informed healthcare decisions, increase members’ satisfaction with their health plan, while reducing the cost of healthcare for our clients and their members.


Under the direction of our Quality Improvement Committee, HNS works directly with our providers to manage the cost of healthcare, ensuring effective, cost efficient care for your members. Our quality assurance initiatives leverage sophisticated analytics, clinical expertise and continuous monitoring to ensure your members receive the highest standard of care, while helping you achieve immediate and sustainable cost savings. 



Ensuring your members receive the highest standard
of care, w
hile helping you achieve immediate and sustainable cost savings.



Our QA initiatives include:best coins graph QA


Utilization Management




Clinical Support Programs 


Regulatory Compliance



Improve efficiencies and reduce administrative costs with HNS' Administrative Solutions.