tracelogoRBPrimary Claims


cropped woman in swingWith a few exceptions, all primary claims must be filed electronically to HNS via HNSConnect®.  To review HNS' Electronic Claim Filing Policy, click here.


Please remember to check HNSConnect® for any claims with errors and correct and resubmit promptly. Claims with errors cannot be transmitted to the HNS contracted payors until all corrections have been completed. 


If you receive a HNS Electronic Claim Error Report, please make the appropriate correction in your computer software program and resubmit the claim through HNSConnect®.



Timely Filing

All primary claims must be submitted to HNS within 15 days of date of service.



The following claims cannot be submitted via HNSConnect® and must be submitted via the CMS 1500 claim form:


  • Secondary claims
  • Corrected claims
  • Claims with attachments
  • A few CIGNA Third Party Administrator (TPA) claims

           NOTE:  For more information regarding which TPA claims
           must be submitted via a paper claim form, please refer to
    CIGNA Healthcare Guide under "Billing/Claims