ClinicalSupportOL112712.fw tracelogoRBPromoting consistency in quality,
       costs and outcomes.


The HNS Clinical Support Program seeks to increase adoption of current evidence-based treatment and the best clinical practices. Our programs help ensure consistency - and improvement - in the quality, outcome and cost of healthcare.


HNS works directly with our providers to manage the cost of healthcare. Through outreach, provider education and peer-to-peer discussion, our approach focuses on provider accountability, ensuring effective, cost-efficient care for subscribers and a healthier bottom line for our clients.



HNS works directly with our providers to manage the cost of healthcare, and our regional Professional Affairs Advisory Boards provide us with actionable, market-specific data in all of our service areas.



Clinical Support pic for advisory board areaTo foster communication and collaboration between HNS and practicing healthcare professionals and to provide a forum to help improve healthcare in our service areas, HNS established the HNS Professional Affairs Advisory Boards.


Through these boards, HNS solicits and facilitates input from our healthcare professionals and trade associations and considers their comments and feedback when developing policy and clinical guidelines.


HNS maintains regional Professional Affairs Advisory Boards, providing us with market specific feedback to improve healthcare in all of our service areas.


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