tracelogoRBThe HNS Support team is here for you.

Our provider service representatives and healthcare executives understand your market, your business and its challenges and are here to support you and your team in the constantly changing world of healthcare.


HNS’ Claims and Billing Support program connects you and your staff to HNS Service Representatives to assist in resolving claims/billing and other administrative issues; saving you time, money and frustration  - while simplifying healthcare administration.


Our service representatives are experts at problem solving and can resolve even the most confusing claim/EOB issues...and will work with you to assure claims submitted through HNS are correctly adjudicated. Our service reps will respond promptly to any questions or issues you may have.


Have you just hired a new billing CA?  HNS offers free training for new billing CAs and refresher training for existing staff. Training is designed to improve efficiency and productivity in your practice and to help you improve compliance to policies, laws and regulations, reduce your claim denials and improve your cash flow. Just call your HNS Service Representative to schedule.


HNS Service Representatives can be reached by fax, phone and email. (Email is the most efficient method of communication with your Representative.)  So that we may better serve you, please include the patient's name, subscriber ID number, date of birth, and date of service with all inquiries.  While we do our best to respond to all inquiries the same, or next business day,  please allow up to 72 hours for your Representative to respond.


Not sure who your personal HNS Service Representative is or how to reach her? Contact our Director of Provider Services at (877) 426-2411, extension 128. She will provide you with the name of your personal service representative, her direct extension and her email address.