tracelogoRB Achieving the right balance. 


Your priority is improving the health and well-being of your patients. 


But how do you balance this priority with the time-consuming process of assuring your healthcare records support increasing medical necessity requirements, minimize your malpractice risk and will withstand a post-payment audit?  HNS' clinical resources can help.


Clinical Forms 

HNS has developed numerous forms to help improve quality, safety and treatment outcomes. Forms include numerous examination forms as well as outcome assessment tools. The use of these forms help you comply with HNS policies and help you meet  the high documentation standards expected of all health care professionals. HNS forms are provided in Microsoft Word format so they can be customized for use in each practice.   Additionally, to assist you in more effectively communicating with patients who read Spanish, many of these forms are provided in Spanish.


While HNS strongly recommends the use of electronic healthcare records (EHR), we understand that not all healthcare professionals have made this transition. Whether you have embraced EHR, or still utilize a paper-based record system, our clinical forms can help you improve quality of care and clinical outcomes.  


Use of these forms: 
With the exception of the Oswestry and Roland Morris forms, the forms on this website are provided for the exclusive use of HNS healthcare professionals. Use by others is strictly prohibited. No permission is required by the authors for the use of the Oswestry or Roland Morris forms posted on this website.


Our clinical forms help improve quality of care, improve outcomes, and help you meet the high documentation standards expected of all healthcare professionals and are provided in Microsoft Word format so they can be customized for your practice.    




Administrative Forms 

Our administrative forms promote prompt payment of your claims, reduce denials and allow for efficient communication between HNS and our contracted healthcare professionals.