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HNS' Notice of Non-Discrimination


All Patients, to the extent capable, have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  1. Pursue healthy lifestyles.

  2. Become knowledgeable about their health plan benefit and policy requirements.

  3. Actively participate in decisions regarding their health care.

  4. Cooperate fully on mutually accepted courses of treatments


All Patients have the RIGHT to:

  1. To receive health care in a non-discriminatory manner including but not limited to patients with disabilities and those with limited English proficiency (LEP);

  2. To receive concise and easily understood information from their providers about their treatment and treatment options;

  3. Receive clear and correct facts to help you make your own health choices, including but not limited to being advised of risks associated with your treatment options;

  4. Expect cost-efficient care based on medical necessity and appropriateness;

  5. Expect professional and courteous care from your HNS health care professional and his/her staff at all times with recognition of your right to dignity and privacy;

  6. Refuse treatment, care, or participation in a program;

  7. Receive information regarding confidentiality protections;

  8. Receive information on how to complain or appeal; and

  9. Submit a grievance by contacting us via email, US Mail, or telephone


Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Telephone:  (877) 426-2411, extension 2


Mailing Address: Health Network Solutions, Inc.
                            PO Box 2368
                            Cornelius, NC 28031